Standby Statement Corona Virus
February 19.2020

Messe München is maintaining constant contact with the health authorities with regard to the coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Currently, they see no reason to restrict trade fair operations at the Munich sites. There are currently no changes to the conditions for entry.

Messe München will immediately implement the recommendations and guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and those of the Robert Koch Institute and the health authorities with whom it is in ongoing contact for its events.

Purely as a precaution, Messe München will adopt the following measures for its events in Munich:

  • First-aid stations on the exhibition grounds and in the conference centers will be manned by medically trained staff and paramedics who are trained in handling infectious diseases.

  • In coordination with the responsible cleaning services, Messe München has increased the frequency of cleaning intervals, particularly in the sanitation facilities.

  • As a precaution, cleaning measures have been increased for heavy traffic areas such as entrances, door handles, escalator runs, moving walkways, etc.

  • Additional disinfectant dispensers will be installed in the sanitation facilities.

  • Should a suspicious case arise during a trade fair or event, all organizational provisions are in place at the exhibition grounds to take immediate corrective measures.

  • Messe München's information offices will inform exhibitors and visitors where to find assistance in the event of a suspected case.

  • Our Chinese exhibitors will be explicitly informed of this in writing and will also be given the health brochure from the Department of Health and Environment of the City of Munich.

A Coronavirus hotline is available to our customers for further questions about our events on +49 89 949-20720.

Messe München

Feb 17,2020